Ballyhigh Show Stables

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History of Ballyhigh

Joyce Brinsfield started Ballyhigh Show Stable when she decided to go out on her own in 2001. The stable is named after her amateur hunter she rode throughout her college years. Ballyhigh was a throughbred mare that Joyce showed in the amateur/owner hunters, adult hunters, and adult equitation from 1990 to 1993. She retired the mare in 1994 due to navicular disease. She then tried her hand at breeding. Ballyhigh had a colt in 1995 named Ballyfive ("Opie").

After leasing several farms to run the business, Joyce's family purchased Brinsfield Farm, LLC, in 2003. Brinsfield Farm has been the home for Ballyhigh Show Stable since then. Joyce and her son, Travis Rogers, live on the farm.

General Rules

Helmets are required at Ballyhigh at all times when mounted. The stable emphasizes safety and good horsemanship. Riders are also required to wear a boot/shoe with a heel—no sneakers!


Ballyhigh offers full care which includes feed, hay, and water. In the winter months, horses are turned out during the day and in at night and in the summer they are out at night and in during the day. Most horses are kept in during bad weather.

All paddocks have automatic waterers and salt blocks. There are limited single paddocks but horses that are in groups are turned out in small numbers. Horses are required to have leather halters with their barn name on the halter. Before horses arrive, they must have a current Coggins test, health certificate, and be current with all vaccinations.

The trainer keeps track of all veterinarian work and farrier work that is done. The staff also worms the horses every 6–8 weeks at the owner's expense.


Group, private, and kiddie lessons are offered. Students may ride their own horse or use a lesson horse. Group lessons average three to four students and are approximately 45 to 55 minutes long. Private lessons are for 30 to 45 minutes. Ballyhigh offers Kiddie lessons which are private lessons for children six years and under. They are for 20 minutes and focus on the basics.

Students (with the exception of kiddie lessons) are required to tack up their own horses as well as take care of them when the lesson is over. Students are required to take an introductory private lesson before being placed in a group.

If a student must cancel, student is required to give notice. If they do not give notice or reschedule, they will be charged for the lesson.


The staff at Ballyhigh is happy to help you find your next horse or sell your current one. There is a minimum commission involved of 10% of the selling price.


Ballyhigh Show Stable attends numerous shows each year. The stable competes at local hunter shows as well as rated shows at the Kentucky Horse Park and shows in Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Georgia, and Florida. The stable also has several nice school horses that are available to show on the local circuit.


Each year, Ballyhigh has several camps including an advanced camp for serious junior riders and a fun filled adult camp.


Ballyhigh has hosted several clinics. Past clinicians have included Chris Kappler, Dennis Mitchell, Walter "Jimmy" Lee, George Smock, and Diane Carney.


Ballyhigh's barn colors are navy, red, and baby blue.

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